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We are involved with the community in alot of ways. We love animals and supportthe Jacksonville Humane Society. Weare involved with the No More HomelessPets organization. We do fundraisingevents where we prepare and sell foodfor local schools. As far as a pro, I would say that I thinkwomen are better at managing staff andunderstanding their issues with empathybut being firm as a boss when needed. At our Jacksonville location, it is oldercrowds mixed in with different ages.

Atour Atlantic Beach pizzeria, it is usuallyyounger college and high school students,as well as families. Tourists alsofrequent us here at the beach. Work in a pizzeria for at least a year. Do everything in the business to seeif you like it. Develop a tight businessplan.

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I ultimately decided tofocus on one thing and do it better thananyone else. Our approach was simple:great pizza and great service in a funsetting. Once I had my focus, I researched andread several books on artisan bakingand experimented with dough formulas,flours and yeast. I received intensive,hands-on training, gaining certificationin American-, Neapolitan- and Sicilianstylepizzas.

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Out of all the styles, I fell inlove with cooking pizzas in a wood-firedoven, so I decided to create artisanqualitywood-fired pizzas. I was a freelance actor for about 10years, performing in various theatersin Minneapolis. Prior to the pizzeria, Iworked as the director of education andcommunity engagement at HennepinTheatre Trust in Minneapolis.

Everyone thought I was crazy to opena restaurant having zero experience inthe field. What I lacked in experience, Imade up for in chutzpah. I followed mygut instead of the rules in all elementsof the restaurant, including the menu,design and philosophy.

The atmosphere of the restaurant reinforcesthe sophisticated casualness ofthe menu, with an open kitchen adding energy and vitality to the entire experience. The Le Panyol oven is one of only ahandful in the United States. The woodfiredoven is built from Terre Blancheclay that hails from Larnage, France. Ichose the oven for its exceptional qualityand superior thermal properties but alsofor its beauty.

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We feature wood-fired pizza characterizedby thin, crispy, but chewy andslightly charred crusts—the product of alengthy fermentation process and expertoven management. We top our artisancrusts with artisan-quality ingredientsin combinations that are familiar, suchas tomato, basil and mozzarella, andunfamiliar, such as LaQuercia guanciale,organic free-range eggs and leeks. Our most unique pizza is called theLady ZaZa, which features housemadeKorean sausage and kimchi. I also createspecials that reflect the seasons.

Thegrowing season is short in Minnesota, soI take full advantage of the farmers marketswhen I can. In addition to pizzas,we offer a handful of starters, includingour housemade meatballs, salads andseasonal roasted vegetables. We also offercraft beers and food-friendly wines tocomplete the experience. I actually find it more challengingto garner respect from peers because ofmy lack of experience vs.

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We support localcharitable organizations by donatinggift cards from the pizzeria. Our futuregoal is to be even more hands-on and dothings like teach community kids how tomake wood-fired pizza. We are located in a residential area, sowe attract neighborhood locals and families. We also attract foodies and pizzaconnoisseurs from the surrounding TwinCities area, and even a handful of peoplefrom out of state and out of country. Spaghetti Mare e Monti with broccoli, shrimp and cream sauce.


Spaghetti alla Zingara with tomato sauce, mushrooms, bell pepper and garlic. Spaghetti Milano with ham, cream, peas and Parmesan cheese. Spaghetti Mirto with ham, tomato sauce, cream sauce, peas, garlic and cheese gratin. Spaghetti Cosenza spicy with ham, tomato sauce, cream sauce, peas and cheese gratin. Spaghetti All 'Uovo with ham, boiled egg, tomato sauce and cream gratin.

Spaghetti Tombola with meat sauce and cheese gratin. Spaghetti Aglio e Olio with garlic and olive oil. Maccheroni Gratinati with tomato sauce, cream sauce and cheese gratin. Maccheroni Bolognese with meat sauce. Maccheroni Napoli with tomato sauce. Maccheroni Gorgonzola with cream and Gorgonzola. Maccheroni 4 Formaggi with four cheeses. Maccheroni Broccoli with broccoli and cream sauce gratin. Maccheroni Zingara with tomato sauce, mushrooms, bell pepper and garlic.

Maccheroni Milano with ham, cream, peas and Parmesan cheese. Maccheroni Casenza spicy with ham, tomato sauce, cream sauce, peas and cheese gratin. Maccheroni Mirto with ham, tomato sauce, cream sauce, peas, shrimp, garlic and cheese gratin. Maccheroni All 'Uovo with ham, tomato sauce and cream gratin. Maccheroni Carbonara with ham, cream, egg and Parmesan cheese. Maccheroni Tombola with meat sauce and cheese gratin. Maccheroni Pollo with chickenbreast, mushrooms and tomato cream sauce.

Maccheroni Manduria with turkey, bell pepper and tomato cream sauce. Tortellini Tombola with meat sauce and cheese gratin. Tortellini Napoli with tomato sauce.

Tortellini Bolognese with meat sauce. Tortellini Panna with cream sauce. Tortellini Gorgonzola with cream and Gorgonzola. Tortellini Chef with bacon, tomato sauce and cheese gratin. Tortellini Gamberetti with shrimp and cream sauce. Tortellini Funghi with mushrooms and cream sauce. Tortellini Milano with ham, cream, peas and Parmesan cheese. Tortellini Panna e Prosciutto with ham and cream sauce. Tortellini Mirto with ham, tomato sauce, cream sauce, peas, cheese, shrimp and garlic gratin.

Tortellini Casenza spicy with ham, tomato sauce, cream sauce, peas and cheese gratin. Tortellini All 'Uovo with ham, boiled egg, tomato sauce and cream gratin. Tortellini Carbonara with ham, cream, egg and Parmesan cheese. Tagliatelle Rimini with mushrooms, ham and cream sauce. Tagliatelle Bologna with meat sauce.