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I have two sons ages 2 and 4. I make laundry an enjoyable task by… Successfully cleaning a rare vintage cashmere sweater. My proudest laundry victory is… Successfully cleaning a rare vintage cashmere sweater.

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I used to be afraid to wash… Cashmere and silk I still am afraid to wash silk. My laundry room is… Is in the basement. The audio version of this news broadcast is provided below along with download links.

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In addition to the information, Mark has also included a special rendition of one of his favourite pieces of festive music. Radio Lingua News — Launch Video. Radio Lingua News Update.

Welcome to this festive edition of Radio Lingua News. In most cases these premium versions include lesson guides in pdf or ebook format and extra audio or video content. All the courses available on our website can be purchased at this special reduced rate by using the coupon code winter at checkout.

Sophie records her regular videos with a small camera and microphone all on her own in Paris and although we had some teething problems with sound, things are settling down now. TV or of course at onlocationfrench.

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There will be lots of extra members-only content, so with our winter sale currently on, perhaps now is the time to take advantage of our special pricing. Happy holidays!

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Use the link on the home page of the Radio Lingua site to open each day of our linguistic Advent Calendar. Season 3 — Lesson 32 — Coffee Break Spanish. Please note that lesson 32 of Season 3 was originally known as lesson of Coffee Break Spanish. We have renumbered the lessons of each season as lessons to make things more simple for our listeners. You can purchase the course using the links below. Click here to find out more about how you can take part in the show.

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Find out more and watch the episodes at the On Location French page. One Minute Arabic will run for ten weeks from tomorrow, Wednesday 19th October.

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With these latest additions to the One Minute Languages series, we now cover 26 languages, from Arabic to Zulu making Radio Lingua your first stop for language-learning on the go, literally from A to Z! There may be some of you who are looking forward to a third season of Coffee Break Spanish. Radio Lingua News, December This is therefore your last chance to purchase season 3 at the introductory price.

Please note that all existing customers who have bought season 3 complete will receive the premium materials for the full season. As a result our prices for EU customers will increase. These changes do not affect the base prices of our products, so non-EU customers will not be affected. Introducing News Time Spanish.

News Time Spanish is a new weekly show from the Radio Lingua Network aimed at intermediate to advanced learners of Spanish. Lesson 40 — Show Time Spanish. Find out in the long-awaited final instalment of the telenovela. Happy Holidays from Radio Lingua. Read on! When you complete the form, make sure you enter holidays09 in the coupon code area at the bottom of the signup page.

EU customers should be aware that the prices quoted on our signup pages do not include VAT. Would you like to purchase a gift membership? If so, please contact us at support radiolingua. Let us know what product you wish to buy and the email address of the recipient.

Please note that the deadline for any Christmas gifts is 17 December. New for the Radio Lingua Club.

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Members will have access to a special discount rate for any purchases made within the membership period. Lesson 39 — Show Time Spanish. We find out what Alba has been doing since before the summer and Mark takes the opportunity to test listeners on some of the phrases learned earlier in the series. Lesson 38 — Show Time Spanish.

Language points discussed include the difference between si no and sino, using hace with a time phrase, and voseo, the use of vos in Rioplatense Spanish. Lesson 37 — Show Time Spanish. Radio Lingua celebrates 3 years of language-learning. On 18th October , episode one of a new language-learning podcast called Coffee Break Spanish was released to the world. This show was a bit different from the other Spanish learning shows out there: it was a gradual introduction to basic Spanish presented by teacher Mark, teaching student Kara.

At this stage no-one really knew if the idea would work, but Coffee Break Spanish grew to become one of the most popular ways to learn Spanish online. Three years down the line and the Radio Lingua Network now produces twenty-seven language courses in eighteen languages and this week saw the sixty millionth download of our language lessons!

There has never been a better time to purchase our lesson guides, enhanced podcasts and extra listening materials. Simply use coupon code sixty when you sign up for any of our shows. By purchasing a membership you can access a range of materials including pdf lesson guides featuring the words and phrases included in each lesson, enhanced podcasts which are perfect for listening on the iPod Touch or iPhone where you can see the flashcards synchronised to the audio, and bonus listening materials to help you improve your language skills even more.

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