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Vehicle History Was it ever a lease or rental return? Yes No Is the odometer operational and accurate? Yes No Detailed service records available? Yes No. Title History Is there a lienholder?

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Who holds this title? When you buy a box of cereal, bike or book, you simply pay the list price.

7 Things to Avoid When Buying a Used Car

But buying a car is more like buying a house — you have to negotiate. And the way that manufacturers and car dealers calculate their costs and make money complicates things. Simply put, car dealers are middlemen. They buy their inventory from automakers, then mark up the prices and sell to consumers.

Dealerships also make money — a lot of money — from selling used cars that were trade-ins, arranging auto loans through financial partners, and charging for service and parts.

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Knowing all the factors at play prepares you to negotiate a good price. Sticker price is an important number, but most cars sell for less. There are rare instances when cars do sell at the sticker price: when a hot new model hits the market to great demand, for instance.

However, there are also scams in which dealerships claim that customers must pay a higher price because the car is in high demand or because they have poor credit. Just remember that your goal should be to reach a fair price: one that allows the dealership to make a reasonable profit over the wholesale price it paid, without gouging you. You can look up the invoice price of a particular model online.

7 Things to Avoid When Buying a Used Car

But like so much in car sales, this is not as it seems. Dealer invoice price is typically higher than what the dealer ends up paying. The invoice comes with the understanding that the manufacturer will pay a percentage back to the dealer through discounts and incentives.

A given dealership likely has to finance their inventory and might have to pay interest on the cars they have, or they may have to buy 10 other less-popular cars just to get the one car you really want. Dealer cash incentive: This is a cash rebate offered to the dealer by the manufacturer. The dealer is not obligated to pass this on to the customer.