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Winter tires have been mandatory in Quebec since Even with the very high winter tire adoption rate in Quebec, a study released by the Quebec government found winter road-accident injuries had dropped five percent in the two winters since winter tires were made mandatory. That translates to fewer people suffering an accident. The study also found a three per cent reduction in deaths and serious injuries due to road accidents. While winter tires are not required by law, they are recommended by Ontario and other provincial governments. There are currently now plans to make winter tires mandatory in Ontario.

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However, as of January 1st, , all private insurance companies in Ontario must offer a winter tire insurance discount. So, if you have purchased and installed winter tires and have yet to receive your discount, make sure you contact your insurance provider to tell them you have winter tires. Winter tires are not mandatory in Alberta. Alberta Transportation does recommend drivers install winter tires to drive during the winter months. There are no plans to make snow tires mandatory at this time. These days, advancements in both tread design and new rubber compounds deliver greater benefits, including financial incentives.

One of the main benefits of purchasing winter tires in Ontario is the snow tire insurance discount. As they say, any savings is good, right? The important thing to keep in mind about the Ontario winter tire discount is that you need to contact your insurance company to let them know you have purchased and installed snow tires.

Depending on your insurance company, you may need to provide some proof, such as a receipt for the purchase of winter tires. Alberta drivers may qualify for an insurance discount if they install winter tires.

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Discount availability and amount varies from insurer to insurer. Speak to your broker about available winter tire insurance discounts to see if you qualify. TIRF reports indicate that putting winter tires on your vehicle during the winter driving season will save you as much as five per cent in fuel costs.


So, in addition to the added safety and security, there is money to be saved, especially over the course of several years. Add this to your insurance discount, and installing winter tires makes financial sense. Simply knowing that you have winter tires installed on your vehicle provides you with peace of mind in knowing you are doing your part to make Ontario and Alberta roads safe. Much like other products, drivers want to save money when buying winter tires. We all want cheap winter tires. Winter tire prices can vary greatly. Here are some tips to get cheaper winter tires :.

With this technological advantage, the latest generation of winter tires offers superior traction and grip.

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Finally, a recent report from the Traffic Injury Research Foundation TIRF cites research indicating that even on dry pavement at below-zero temperatures, the stopping distance of vehicles with winter tires is as much as 30 per cent shorter than vehicles with all-season tires. Although all-season tires provide traction in a variety of driving conditions, winter tires surpass them in performance when it comes to driving during snowy and icy conditions.

Sources such as tires. Generally, this means that you will install your winter tires near the beginning or middle of November in Ontario and other parts of the country. However, driving conditions and temperature, of course, will vary by region and from year to year. There is different tire labeling based on the style of tire. If you are not sure, confirm with the retailer before purchasing. As a general rule, drivers are reminded to look for tires marked with the peaked mountain and snowflake logo.

Shopping for the best winter tires in Canada? The best winter tire for you will depend on the road conditions in your area. In general, just like when you purchase other items, brand names with a good reputation are the best option. They are proven commodities and will deliver the results you expect out of a winter tire. Go to cart Continue shopping. Selected Filters.

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The Right Winter Tires for Canadian Winters Living in almost any part of Canada is going to create a need for you to buy winter tires for your car or truck. Considering Winter Tires Price Compared to Value One of the factors that you have to consider with winter driving throughout Canada is being able to get the proper traction. Compare up to 4 products:. Products per page: 5 10 20 30 Bridgestone Blizzak WS Thanks for sharing very useful information.

Keep sharing.. At Hunter Tires our mission is to earn and develop long lasting relationships with our customers and business partners, through responsive actions, a dedication to quality and the highest standard of manufacturing. You better get them mounted there Tires are a restricted import into Canada unless you need one in an emergency AND IF you declare them there is a hefty duty on them.

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Tires are not a restricted import. I buy my tires in Ogdensburg, NY. I put them in my trunk, declare them at the border and pay the HST. That is it. Customer service has always been my strong point. As the owner of Tire Changers, I believe my customers deserve nothing but the best.

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